Are you up to date with the latest wedding trends? Fret not, we’re here to help guide you through what’s hot for spring 2016.

In terms of colours, this year it’s all about metallic hues, copper and rose gold are predicted to be especially popular. Rose gold is appearing on everything from rings to table linen. You could also use this in your food, using shiny rose blush icing for your cake or offer rose-tinted cocktails to your guests.

Another huge trend for spring is including elements of places that hold special memories to both of you in your big day. For example, if you met in Paris, you could add a French twist to your menu or through your décor, with mini Eiffel Towers incorporated into your table centrepieces. This is a great way to add a really personal touch to your big day as well as being a great conversation starter!

This season, it’s all about creating a romantic, intimate atmosphere on your big day, which is best achieved through clever lighting. Pendant lights, chandeliers and candelabras all work well to accomplish this. Low level lighting is always more flattering than overhead, and nothing fits this trend better than our stunning curtain, lit up with fairy lights.

Simple yet chic floral arrangements are having a real moment just now. Bouquets of several types of flower in identical colours, or hues of the same colour, are also very popular. Potted trees, ferns and lavender sprigs are all great on trend alternatives to traditional flowers.

Like this? Check back next week for the next in our blog series on spring wedding trends for 2016, where we’ll be looking at music, décor and drinks. You won’t want to miss it, trust us.