Stunning Wedding Photo

We’re thrilled to share this stunning wedding photo of Sandy and Natalie on their wedding day here at Eskmills Venue. The couple sent this photo to us themselves commenting that the venue looked ‘stunning’! We’re sure you’ll agree, Sandy and Natalie look stunning too.

Sandy and Natalie enjoyed a fantastic outdoor wedding at Eskmills Venue last weekend Рour first outdoor wedding of the season. They were joined by family and friends and the photographer was Derek Christie.

With summer fast approaching it can be nerve wracking to opt for an outdoor wedding in Scotland. Musselburgh being on the East Side of the country is lucky in that the rainfall is slightly lower than in the Highland and West of Scotland but that doesn’t make the decision any easier.

Our wedding team are now practiced in reviewing weather conditions, planning for rain, making sure the marquee is ready or that the seats and podium can be brought in quickly if a shower looks likely. As Natalie and Sandy show sometimes the risk is worth taking though!

We wish Sandy & Natalie every happiness together.