At Eskmills, we know that every wedding detail counts, and we love bringing a bride and groom’s vision to life.

Here are 5 things that our staff love the most!

1. Andrew loves knowing that the bride and groom’s dream is reflected in each unique detail by our event planners.

wedding table setting2. Kat loves getting involved. On the day, before the event begins, we all undertake different tasks such as drink service, flower arrangements, bar set up, chair ties, ah… the list is endless! Kat, our front of house staff member, loves doing finishing touches to centrepieces. Joe, our team leader, continuously checks the table set up – especially the name placings! Those little details help make the day run smoothly.

3. Kirsty loves sweets. Ok, so maybe sweets aren’t at all events, but that one table of goodies is often a huge guest wedding candymagnet! We make sure all the ‘sweet details’ reflect the happy couple and bring joy to their day – starting with the presentation. Here’s Kirsty in action! Our mouths watered while pouring love hearts and flying saucers into these gorgeous ribbon vases.

4. Jack loves people. Our team meet with the baker, the florist, the photographer, the bridesmaids, the driver and the little boy dancing all night long. Everyone plays a role in the bride and groom’s day – and we love to meet and greet them all! Jack our host is always found at the door, waiting eagerly to greet the bride and groom.

wedding cars

5. We all love having fun. Staff have a habit of finding little ways to have fun at work. Music helps motivate the team; Callum is often the acapella karaoke culprit, singing and making everyone laugh! We understand that every detail counts, from the fork on the table to the smile on our face; it all matters to us.