Are you looking for a wedding celebration like no other? Need inspiration on some quirky elements to incorporate? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to help get that inspiration flowing. You could include just one of the below wedding ideas, or include all of them. The decision is yours!

Food Stalls

Your wedding is a celebration of your love. So make it a celebration for your guests too. And what do celebrations always require? Amazing food and drinks! How about having a pop-up sushi stall, or a popcorn bar? The world’s your oyster with this one, chat through your thoughts with one of our wedding planners.

Guest Book Advice Cards

Guests are included in your wedding, so why not include them in your future too? Leave out cards for guests to leave suggestions for the name of your first dog / baby, or generally about love (e.g. ‘are we the same or did opposites attract?’). It makes for really cute and quirky keepsakes.

Bring Your Guests Closer

Why not change the seating style from formal straight rows, to having the chairs set in a circular pattern around you? This not only makes you more visible to all the guests but makes everyone feel more included in your big day, and the whole ceremony more intimate as a whole.

Have a Confetti Bar

Everyone loves throwing confetti at weddings, don’t they? So why not let guests mix up their own during a pre-ceremony groom’s reception. It’ll make for some really pretty wedding photographs too when it’s thrown over the happy couple outside the venue. Keep the cones for guests to fill relatively small to limit the mess!

Pretty Paper Flowers

Go over-sized for some fantastically unique photos, or have a paper wedding bouquet. Not only will it keep any allergies at bay, it lasts and lasts, so you can keep it forever. They’re just as stunning as the real deal.

It’s your big day, so make it everything you want it to be! Your options are endless. Our talented and experienced wedding planners are here to give you all the help you need, so drop us a message and start planning your big day now!