Thinking outside the box and going against the grain is becoming much more popular when it comes to choosing that all important date for your special day. Here’s our top 10 reasons to have an autumn or winter wedding in East Lothian..

Make your money go further

If you are a bride with a budget or simply just want your money to go further, an Autumn or Winter wedding is the perfect solution. These months are quieter for wedding venues in East Lothian therefore you’re sure to have some of the best deals in town.

Better availability

Securing your dream venue and getting married at shorter notice isn’t as much of a problem with an Autumn or Winter wedding. Eskmills Venue currently still has some exclusive dates available in January, February, March, September, October, November 2017, get in touch today to find out our availability.

Less competition for suppliers

As winter is a quieter time of year for suppliers you’ll find that you get some great deals and the suppliers will also have more time to spend one to one with you. Not only will you be saving money but you’ll get a more personal service, take a look at some of our local, East Lothian suppliers here.

Local produce

East Lothian has an impressive natural larder with some of the best ingredients Scotland has to offer. It’s the perfect place to source fresh, seasonal produce that’s at its best during the winter months. Our exclusive, award-winning caterer Hickory use the finest seasonal ingredients, wherever possible, which means their menus are always innovative, unique – and unforgettable.

Stunning scenery

East Lothian is a beautiful area of the country and provides the perfect backdrop for all those priceless photo opportunities. Just imagine your wedding photos with the nearby River Esk as your backdrop – a glisten of dew, a scattering of autumnal leaves or a touch of frost will make it all the more breath-taking.

Highlight of the season

If you’re getting married in the winter, it’s unlikely your guests will have been to a good celebration in a while so they’ll be ready to dust off their gladrags and pop on their party shoes – unlike the summer when there seems to be a wedding every other weekend!

Your guests will actually attend

You’re more likely to have the people you invite actually attend your wedding. Holding your celebration during peak wedding season in the summer often means people already have their summer holidays booked months in advance or have other weddings to attend.

Even better, if you have your wedding over the festive period you’ll find many people have taken time off work in any case, so if you fancy having a mid-week wedding, go for it!

Honeymoon of a lifetime

The money you’re saving having your wedding in winter only means one thing…a honeymoon that you’ll never forget. Going away during the winter months will make you appreciate the sunshine so much more and forget overpriced packages because the kids will be back in school after the summer holidays.

You don’t get hung up on the weather

If you’re getting married in the winter, you don’t need to obsess about whether you’re going to have rain, sunshine or cold temperatures on your big day. You’ll be expecting it and prepared either way so you won’t be anxiously checking the long range weather forecast months in advance.

It’s so romantic

Ultimately, what’s more romantic than snuggling up to the one you love on a cold winters day? With the sun setting early, you can create the perfect, cosy atmosphere with fairy lights galore. Our fairy light curtain and additional LOVE letters will do just the trick in creating a magical scene for your special day.

We have a fantastic all-inclusive Winter Wedding Package for just £5,000 and still have availability for October and November 2017. Please get in touch for more details.