3 ways to make your wedding day unique as told by our real wedding couples:

  1. Make a DVD: one bride and groom are having their ‘wedding proposal’ DVD play during their drinks reception for all guests to see!
  2. Pick a special date: another couple booked a wedding this week which is a significant date for them, as it was 2 years to the day their son was born!
  3. Use a seasonal theme: a couple have booked their wedding for Easter Sunday 2018! Possibly bringing along Creme Eggs as their favours.

At Eskmills, our wedding planners set up the framework for your wedding so that you do not have to start from a blank canvas. it leaves you free to focus on the little things that will personalise your wedding day, whether that is colours, dates, favours, the band, the music or poems you focus on, the important thing to remember is that you put your stamp on it, blend your preferences and personality into the mix – after all it’s your celebration!

Get your thinking caps on and get creative! Still stumped? Give us a call or drop us a line, we employ specialist wedding event planners who would love to help. Their experience in the wedding market is well established with over a decade of experience. A lot has changed over that time period but so many of the newer trends in weddings are still fresh and exciting – let us give you some ideas today.