Going to your first ceilidh? Not sure what to expect?

There is surely no better way to see in 2015 and experience a bit of Scotland’s culture than with a traditional Scottish ceilidh. From the Flying Scotsman to Strip the Willow, traditional dancing is the name of the game.

We’re welcoming guests from all over at this year’s Hogmanay party, and we’re always asked lots of questions about our ceilidh nights. Stephen, our Event Manager and host for our New Year bash at Eskmills Venue shares his top tips for making the most of a Scottish-style knees-up.

Dress comfortably

“A ceilidh is a really lively affair, and you won’t be able to leap about if you’re in those killer party heels. Bring something a little more practical for during the dances, such as comfortable ballet pumps – you can always go back to glam when the ceilidh is done.”

Cover up

“I don’t mean dress in a onesie. You’re likely to be kicking and jumping, so unless you’re happy to flash your undies, it might be an idea to dress for the celebrations in stylish but comfortable trousers…or keep a pair of shorts handy! That’s not just a tip for the ladies, either – men in kilts, you have been warned!”

Be social

“A ceilidh is meant to be social event, and is a really fun way to meet and chat to people. So flash your partner a smile, have a giggle about the steps or ask someone to dance – this is no time for anyone to be hiding at the edge of the dance floor!”

Keep refreshed

“With any luck, you’ll be dancing your socks off for a couple of hours – and this is no slow dance. So keep yourself hydrated and take the chance to have a breather every so often – that’s what our new bar is there for!”

Ask for help

“The beauty of a ceilidh dance is that you can enjoy it whether your moves get it wrong or right – don’t get too hung up about it. But if there’s a step you need to know, or you need a partner, just ask someone. If that someone is a member of staff or guest wearing a kilt, it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll be able to help.”


“It’s Hogmanay, and you’re dancing with your family and friends – so just have fun! Don’t worry too much about knowing all the dances, just be prepared to get stuck in, give it a bash and enjoy yourself.”


Oh…and watch for bruises the next day!

However we do have a stock of Arnica, just ask our friendly team.