For Dominique, every day is Christmas. As she settles into her new role, as Christmas Co-Ordinator, we had a quick chat with her to find out what she loves most about the festive season.

*What is it about Christmas that you love so much?

I grew up in a house with just my mother and older sister, and it was the one time of year that we celebrated anything. All of our birthdays are within ten days of each other, with Christmas right in the middle so it has always been the best time of the year!

*Please outline an average day in your role.

Every day is a little bit different, except for the cup of coffee I make when I come in and the Christmas tune I play to get myself going. I will do the everyday things like checking my messages and emails regularly throughout the day. I might be meeting with clients, suppliers or our staff to progress the planning so that the festive season kicks off smoothly! Planning our events requires consulting the whole team to make sure we can give our guests the most enjoyable festive experience.

*What makes Christmas parties at Eskmills so special?

The venue is transformed into a different theme each year, which means you can always expect something new and exciting! This year is Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine. It’s going to be fabulous with lots of glitz and glam!

*What makes a Christmas party at Eskmills better than any other venues Christmas parties?

I think our team at Eskmills Venue contribute a lot to the night. The staff are interviewed, go through training and then are hand selected for their position on the night. They’re always ready with a smile on their faces! Everyone gets involved, you’ll even see all of the office staff who don’t usually work the events hosting the nights. The food and atmosphere is great too!

*Do you have any Christmas Eve / Day traditions?

I have three younger siblings under the age of six, so Christmas Eve is spent wrapping the presents, setting them up and then I usually eat Rudolph’s carrot. If I’m with my father on Christmas Day, I’ll spend the day skiing before having a glass of bubbly while opening presents in the evening. If I’m with my mother, it is presents in the morning and then a day curled up on the sofa while she does all the hard work!

*What’s your ideal Christmas dinner?

As I’m secretly American and we celebrate Thanksgiving, we have ham and a beef roast on Christmas Day and my mother likes to make enough to feed an army!

*Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Yes! Why wouldn’t you?

*What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

When I was 19, I spent Christmas in Australia and it made me realise how much I love having a white Christmas with snow and a fireplace. Even a sunny day on the beach doesn’t beat the feeling of snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket after dinner.

Looking to book your Christmas celebration? Contact Dominique for advice and booking queries.