Let’s face facts, every wedding guest is looking forward to the amazing food at your wedding. We’re here to help you create an awe-inspiring stand-out menu for your big day.

Think about the dining experience as a whole

What do you want the focus to be on? If it’s on the food, then a sit down dinner is best. If you’re looking to shift the focus of your day on the music, how about choosing a less formal, buffet serving style. Remember the timings and the length of those all-important reception moments: the speeches, the first dance and the cake cutting. If you’ve got a lot of speeches for example, a sit down dinner may be best.

Choosing the right food

It might be helpful to tie in a theme for your food. We’re not saying bring out the sombreros, but trust us, your menu will work best if the dishes you choose work well together. How about a tribute to your ethnic roots? Or a personal touch, like childhood memories, or food from memorable moments throughout your relationship.

Going local and seasonal

If you want to have really delicious food, you should go for local and seasonal produce. This makes a massive difference to how your food tastes. When discussing your menu with us, ask what kinds of food are in season at the time of your wedding and we’ll give you some great ideas to incorporate into your wedding.

How it’s served

Are you struggling to choose one specific main course, and don’t want to offer one or the other? You could create some excitement for your guests with a fun dessert bar of delicious cupcakes, or donuts we could set up for you in the style of a food stall. We can also set up pop-up bars outside, for beer, wine or even tequila. What better way to get some tasting tips? Lemon or orange with your tequila?

Personalise it

The great thing about creating your own menu is the freedom to put your own stamp on it. How about a tasty signature cocktail? This could be based around something special to you (like where you went on your first date), a flavour you both love or even in a colour that ties in with your overall theme.

We think it’s one of the most exciting parts of planning – hand-picking every dish, especially if there’s a Hickory twist involved!

To discuss your ideas for your big day, contact Dawn on 0131 273 5145 or email dawn@eskmillsvenue.com.