Have you ever wondered, how in this day and age, you collect all of your wedding photos from your guests? With social media taking over our lives and photos being shared everywhere from Facebook to Pinterest and Twitter to Tumblr, how do you get all your photos in one place?

One way of doing this is with a wedding hashtag that you can encourage your guests to use. It’s worth making your hashtag memorable and easy to spell, so everyone can use it. Remember, capitalization is key when promoting it on your big day, as it makes the words much easier to read and remember.

You could try a good pun (e.g. #GoodKnight), some alliteration (e.g. #WattWedding) or maybe something that rhymes (e.g. #JohnAndLouSayIDo). We’d strongly recommend checking to see if your chosen hashtag’s already in use, as it’s better to be a brand new one to really collate all of your photographs together.  Once you’ve chosen and checked it’s available, it’s a matter of promoting it. You could include it on wedding invitations, have it in frames on the tables for the meal, a feature table, or next to the props at your photo booth.

Not a fan of social media? Why not go retro and put disposable cameras on the tables for the guests to use? Just put a note on the table with them asking for them to be left on the tables at the end of the evening, so you can gather them and get them developed. There’s something nice about having the actual hard copies, rather than just images on a screen.

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