At Eskmills, our massive windows allow natural light to flood in during the day, showcasing the traditional bright colours used in Asian events to dress the venue, making the decor look especially vibrant. This two part blog series will take a look at the Asian wedding trends that are emerging for spring 2016. This first segment focuses on décor trends.

Boho décor is back, but with a twist. Shying away from being expectedly kitsch and retro Bollywood, this trend is slowly moving in a more couture and artisanal direction. The modern, hipster bride is here to stay, think bold colours and old school elements. This is a great option if you’d really like to make a statement.

Going in a slightly different direction, is the pastel trend. Pastels have become even softer, after being inspired by Pantone’s shade card for 2016. We’d suggest colour like a mint green or light lemon yellow and keeping it minimalistic. The idea is that this should feel light, airy and dreamlike, allowing you to have the fairy-tale wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

Talking about being minimalistic, that’s a trend in itself. This is all about finding the right balance between opulence and excellence to create a stunning yet simplistic look. Like the saying goes, less is so, so much more!

Have you heard of the new vintage? Picture a modern take on the famous French Queen, Marie Antoinette. Let them eat cake, with traditional Asian deserts created in a French way. Alternatively, add a real statement feminine piece with florals inside bird cages. Or why not do both?

Next week, we’ll be looking at more Asian wedding trends for 2016. Contact us to enquire about how we can make your big day extra special.