As you may know, on 16th May Eskmills is playing host to a fantastic event for a very worthy cause – a fundraising party for Cancer Research. We chatted to the organiser, Gillian, to find out what inspired her.

What has inspired you to do this event?

By now we will all know someone that has been affected by cancer in some way – it’s scary how near it is. The stories of two local young people with cancer – a boy of 15 and a girl of 22 – touched me deeply and spurred me on and I thought it would be a good to have a party and raise some funds along the way. Eskmills Venue posted on Facebook that they were offering free Saturday venue hire and I saw that as I sign to go ahead.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

I have only ever had one other fundraising night many years ago, also for cancer research. I am by no means a professional at this – I just wanted to do a bit to help.

What have you got planned for the night?

We’re hoping to have a karaoke competition and a human auction with a few of the lads from my work – they’ll give up a couple of hours of their time for the winning bidders. One of the girls at work plays in a pipe band and we are going to do our own photobooth. We’ll be having various other games too to raise more funds!

What do you hope will come of the event?

I have organised the night to raise awareness and hopefully some money towards research into cancer. I am asking everyone to come along with some pennies and have a great night, knowing we are helping in some way. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use the word ‘cure’ in the future – any funds that can be raised towards research into cancer can only be a good thing!

We have 50 tickets available on a first come first served basis for only £10 each – buffet included!  So don’t delay – to get your tickets please contact Dawn: / 0131 273 5243 /or visit our contact page.